Beauty Beat: The second pregnancy


I just packed my hospital bag in preparation for the impeding baby-coming that will be happening over the next few weeks. In truth, it really freaked me out. I know I’ve been through this before, but somehow I seem to be less prepared than last time. Maybe because that’s true. Last time I was taking baby classes, reading every book I could get my hand on about how to have a baby. This time, not so much.

Maybe it’s because our birth plan got thrown out the window due to, you know, nature. Or because I’m just lazy. But for the most part I just don’t think too much about the delivery, because it’s going to happen, and then there will be a baby. I’d rather concentrate right now on the time I have left with X, just the two of us.

But at eight months pregnant, I’ve definitely been slowing down. I look and feel terrible. And I am lazy – it becomes way too easy to put off showering when you barely have time to sleep, and putting on make up just makes me laugh. I have a hyperactive toddler and a belly that’s taking up it’s own postal code, so why bother trying to be pretty. But I have to say that feeling like a beached whale isn’t fun, and isn’t improved by a pimply, haggard appearance. I don’t think not caring about how you look is entirely healthy. The not troubling about your appearance whatsoever. While cosmetics may seem frivolous, they also say a lot about how you want to be perceived by the world.

I’m guilty of not caring about how I look, and also guilty of buying cheap cosmetics at the grocery store, not focusing on quality or even whether the colouring is a perfect match. To be honest, I get a little intimidated in fancy cosmetic stores, especially here in Geneva where everyone is so rich and … European. But I’ve decided todo the research I need to get the proper products I need to look my best.

My go-to person is my little sister, who, besides being a top smarty-pants, is also basically an expert on cosmetics and beauty supplies. So when she gives me a recommendation, I’m usually really happy with it. Here are some of my new make up faves I’ve been making myself up in lately.


Guerlain’s Maxi Lash in black. It costs a pretty penny but it is a great all-purpose, everyday mascara. I goes on thick, adds length and is so so soft. It doesn’t smear throughout the day, which is necessary when it comes to my lifestyle.


Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipstick in Tea Rose. I always think of Estee Lauder as an old lady cosmetic brand, but maybe I’m onto something. I’ve actually been looking into make up for “mature” women lately. Not that I’m particularly old, my skin is still fantastically supple (and still deals with teenage-like acne), but the quality is better. And that’s what I found with the lipstick. The colour is matte but creamy, and stays on for hours. Not at all like the cheap crap you get at the grocery store! The colour (as seen in the photo above) I really like, but I’m trying to decide if it’s too dark for an every day look.

The result of putting my best face forward? I’ve been getting tons of comments at how good I look – glowing and youthful have been used. And you know what? It makes me feel a lot nicer. Just going to the grocery store, I have a boost of confidence and energy that comes from knowing I look my best. Just the other day, a very nice-looking young man gave me a smile and a wink. Not that I’m wearing make up to seduce younger men, but … it didn’t suck, that’s all I can say about that. I’m still achy and in a lot of pain, but it brightens the day to know I at least don’t look as bad as I feel!


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