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There’s a lot that you forget about having newborns, I think, no matter how recent your last baby came along. Since you spend most of their infancy in a hazy fog of sleep deprivation, I suppose that makes sense. For me, one thing I forgot is the smell. When I walk into the residential wing of our house (ha, didn’t I just make it sound like my house is enormous? It’s not), I walk into a wall of this smell. Newborn babies smell like … warm pooh. I’m not sure how it is that the pooh smell is warm, exactly, but it is. It permeates the very walls of the rooms. Breathe it in, because no matter what you do, there will always be more warm pooh. I’m just happy that the weather is good enough to keep all the windows open.

The other thing I forgot is the rapturous joy that comes with baby’s first smile. It is such a beautiful thing, to see your little one’s face light up with recognition and love; it’s as if they’ve only just discovered happiness for the first time in life. E is a serious little girl, and approaches most of life’s challenges with a furrowed brow. She doesn’t just throw smiles around, that one. So when she finally graced me with a grin, well, all the trauma and pain and blood and lack of sleep and warm pooh smells, it is all worth it. How is it that they do that?

I also firmly believe that newborns have preferred music, although I’m not quite sure how they decide this. X, for instance, was all about Bruno Mars, played very loud while being rocked and swung around rather aggressively. E, though, is all about the country. Alan Jackson to be exact. Nothing calms her down like a good two-step. I like to think it’s because even though she’s born and raised in Switzerland, she has ingrained memory of where her family comes from. All this two-stepping is making miss Stampede. Continue reading


Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting

Ok, it’s been an extremely long time since my last post. But, guys, you know what is really hard? Two kids, that’s what. And it seems to be getting harder as the days go on. One toddler who is still adjusting to no longer being the only star in our sky. And one baby, no longer a newborn and all of a sudden MUCH more fussy. Especially between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am. WTF is up with that, I want to ask her, in the sweetest way possible.

I startled myself when I saw my reflection up close in my medicine cabinet one of these nights. It was an accident – I’ve been avoiding my reflection for awhile now. But all of a sudden I was face to face with myself under the harsh fluorescent lights. Startled might not be the right word. More like horrified. I look like a zombie. And not like the way you say it affectionately when someone is kind of tired and dopey. I mean, I could have been an extra for The Walking Dead. A well-preserved zombie, but still. My eyes are SO bloodshot from lack of sleep, they are bright red. And the lovely bruise-like under eye shadows are highlighted nicely against the anemic pallor of the rest of my skin. Take a chunk out of my cheek and I’d have everyone running for cover. I probably already do.

But everyone knows dealing with a new baby is hard. This is nothing new. So instead of boring you, I’ll show you something that is much prettier than me:

MintChocoCupcakes2 Continue reading