Soup Diet Revised


Once again, it’s time for me to face facts: it’s going to be awhile before I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. As with after having X, I find myself still surprised by how much weight I have to lose. I was SOOO much more careful this time around. I gained the recommended healthy amount of weight I’m supposed to gain (albeit on the high end, but I actually felt like I was dieting during the pregnancy. So hungry. But the Euro OBs are way more harsh about this. I was told I would feel hungry the entire time and that meant I was probably eating the right amount). It’s clear to me that I’m one of those women who just gains a lot of weight during pregnancy. To be honest, I almost wish I had just gone nuts again. At least I would have enjoyed myself at some point.

The truth is, pregnancy is really really hard on the body. It’s two months later and I’m still recovering, still some residual pain from the whole ordeal. Doesn’t really make me want to procreate any more. Good thing I already have two pretty cute kids. But it seems so unfair – you go through this whole process, it’s uncomfortable and painful, then it gets REALLY painful, and then … your whole body has been reshaped. And I’m one of the lucky ones without any real lasting damage, it’s all superficial for me. But you then hear stuff like: you need to start working out as quickly as possible in order to make up for all this damage. Because the truth is, that stuff about being patient and the weight will come off on it’s own, it’s bullshit. That weight is not going anywhere until you do something about it.

Anyway, I got started much quicker with the whole dieting and exercise thing. I know they say nine months on, nine months off … but in France it’s more like, if you’re still carrying the weight after three months there’s something wrong with you and it’s another reason to look down on you. It’s really motivational, trust me.

So I went to my old stand-by, the soup diet. You can check out my last soup diet to lose baby weight here.  Only I could not stomach the original horrible celery soup, I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I made up some other soups that were healthy while also being tasty, and included such things as beans or potatoes, which completely renders the diet moot, I know. It was basically a week of eating nothing but fruits, vegetables and healthy soup. The point of this post is to show you some super healthy, super delicious soups, none of which have any celery in them (well, when you make them my way).

I started with a basic vegetable soup, but with white beans and chopped potatoes in it (see above). I didn’t really follow much of a recipe, just sauteed some onions and garlic in olive oil, added whatever seasonal veggies I had on hand, put into a pot with some chicken stock and added beans, potatoes and whatever herbs I had in my fridge. Boil. Then eat. It was good. Not, like, the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but pretty tasty for soup that’s supposed to be a diet.


Then I started to get more fancy. The next soup I made was a Creamy Italian White Bean Soup, the recipe of which I found here. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s no cream in this. The colour/texture comes from blending the beans near the end. Great tip, though, on blending hot soup I found with this – leave the hole on the top uncovered to let the steam out. Makes so much sense, and yet I’d never thought of it before. I left the celery out, obviously, but I did add mushrooms to it – SUCH a delicious addition, totally recommend. And I recognize that this photo is beyond gross. Instead of yummy soup it looks like a failed science experiment (or a successful one, I don’t know what you do with your science experiments). You’ll have to take it on faith that this one was a hit. Even X took a few sips of it, which is high praise indeed.

I also made my favourite soup ever, the roasted tomato soup which I have used before to get X to eat his veggies. Once again, it was time intensive, which is harder to do with two babes crying at me, but still really good.


The last soup I made, on my chicken and vegetable day, was a chicken veggie soup, obviously. By this point, six days in, I was so hungry that raw chicken was looking mighty tasty to me. Because the next day of the diet was my rice day, I decided to put rice in this soup as well, to kill two birds with one stone. (Yes, I know that’s not how this thing works, I am such a cheat! But the soup was better for it. And I was ready to be done). The Chicken Rice Soup I found on Epicurious.

Soup2So there you have it. A week’s worth of soups. As for me, I only made it six days because I’m a cheat, I was hungry and I was meeting friends for lunch the last day. I had a burger and fries and it was glorious. But all was not lost. Or was it? In six days I lost four pounds, and kept them off. And I even enjoyed the food I was eating. So there you go. Now I only have, well, a bunch more to go before I’m back to my usual size, which I fully intend to make. But it’s not going to happen in three months, that’s for damn sure.


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