Father’s Day and a baking roundup

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! Here is the present I got Zach. You should know what makes this really special: Coffee Crips bars are his favourite, but they are made only in Canada. I had no idea this was a regional treat. I’m sad for the rest of the world that they don’t get to enjoy the delectable coffee-esque wafers encased in chocolate. But I had to go through some trouble to get these guys here. I skip the importation taxes by having friends sneak these in (also always appreciated: wine gums and twizzlers). Not pictured are some cookies I also made with Coffee Crisps in them – very good.

The book, Toddlers Are Assholes, is brilliant. Well, I expect if you don’t have kids you might find it somewhat funny, but if you, at this very moment, have a toddler, and haven’t slept in awhile, and are constantly up to your elbows in bodily fluids, you will likely cry laughing. Z and I certainly did. Z especially is having a tough time with our picky non-eater, so the chapter on mealtimes reduced him to helpless giggles. Sometimes you just need to laugh, you know?

So, it has been forever since I’ve blogged, I’ve been parenting/vacationing, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing stuff in the kitchen. My backlog is starting to get out of hand, so here’s a roundup of what I’ve been baking lately.


Don’t you love how lime green really shows off the best in this cake?

This Moist Carrot Cake is once again an attempt to get some veggies into X. It worked, this cake is really good. Like really good. I couldn’t get enough of it. If X didn’t eat his quick enough, I would go in to finish it off. Not helping with the baby weight loss, but sometimes that can’t be helped. I forewent the cream cheese icing, ostensibly to make it healthier but actually just because I don’t like cream cheese icing. This is definitely going on my to-remake recipe board.


I always get random recipe suggestions on my facebook wall. Does everyone get those, or it just because I always seem to be looking up recipes? Anyway, sometimes some catch my eye and I try to try them out. These peanut butter bites, thank you Kraft, looked pretty good, and like a way to get some protein into my solo bread eating kid. They were … okay. I added the sprinkles because I thought X might be more likely to eat them. More like more likely to pick out each individual sprinkle, one at a time. At least he would tell me what colour each of them were, so it was like a learning experience? I brought them on a road trip, thinking they would be good snack foods to help us get by if we were skipping lunch, but in the end they just weren’t really that good. Messy, too, so not great for the car seat.


I now have a favourite scone recipe. These are so easy to do and really really tasty. The first time I made them I couldn’t find my raisins (must clean pantry) so I used chocolate chips instead, to Z and X’s delight. But I made them again with the found raisins and a liberal amount of cinnamon, which I preferred. But the great thing about this recipe is it gives you lots of options to try, like lemon blueberry and cherry almond. I’ll have to try them all!


You might have notice me mention that winegums aren’t available here in Switzerland. They are a family favourite candy. So I was so excited when a video on how to make homemade winegums showed up in my facebook feed (the video is adorable but I can’t seem to find it). All you need is wine, gelatin and a little maple syrup.

Well, you get … wine jello jigglers. They were fine. But you know what a better way to consume wine is? You know where this is going. Save yourself the trouble and pour yourself a glass (then ask a friend to bring you winegums from Canada!)


This chocolate zucchini loaf is king among zucchini recipes. I’ve documented how difficult it is to get anyone to eat zucchini around here. Well, no longer. This cake is soooo tasty and chock full of the green stuff. Just nobody knows! X asks for gateau chocolat every single morning, and for once I don’t have a problem sharing it with him. Highly highly recommended!


One thought on “Father’s Day and a baking roundup

  1. Looks yumm.
    This is my first time on ur blog and i love how u say x, z .. :))
    N that book :p
    I saw “Toddlers are assholes” and i was like well well..!
    Fyi, I have a niece .

    Also, Also, I’ve an invite for us all. It’s a #WeeklyChallenge for #FoodBlogger to encourage genuine blog appreciation (not just empty likes).
    Please visit http://wp.me/p6c369-10 to participate & know more.

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