Travel Italia: Lugano and Como


Welcome to paradise. A week at a resort on Lake Lugano, settled in the northern Italian Alps. While I imagine the weather can probably get quite rough during the winter, it being in the middle of the Alps and all, you can’t really tell in mid-June. In fact …


… you would be forgiven for thinking we were on some kind of tropical island. The vegetation is SO GREEN around the lake, and grows so densely it’s a surprise that there’s any development at all. There are villages and whole towns that cling to the cliffsides, heading down towards the crystal waters of the lake. But even they can barely get a handhold in there. A part of what makes this so lovely is that it’s not super built up.


We stayed at the Parco San Marco resort. It is a North American-style resort, and we felt zero guilt about this. We could have easily stayed on the property the whole time, as it is set up for families. There was a beach, a spa, three pools and a beach, as well as a playground, a monorail and all kinds of fun things for kids to explore. Also awesome: the drop-in kids zone and babysitting offered. Both used by us!


That little shack down there overlooking the lake? That’s where we stayed. It was spectacular. Am I bragging? I’m bragging. I’ll stop. I just wanted to let you guys know that this place is tops and we got some well-needed relaxation. Here are some highlights:


The backwoods hike I accidentally took the whole family on, heading up the steep mountain side. Oops! It was hot out and Z was such a trooper: E wrapped up on his chest and X on his shoulders as he scaled a treacherous mountainside. Very manly. And we got to see some very old religiousy type things along the way. Also, I thought I saw a ghost. We hadn’t seen anybody along the path at all and had been alone for some time. And there was that atmospheric feeling in the air, you know? Like a storm was about to break. Then, an Italian man was all of a sudden walking towards us. The next time I looked, he was gone. I got all kinds of romantic ideas about what the ghost’s story was, until we saw him again – this time holding an ax! My romantic ideas scattered to full-scale panic in a matter of seconds. Not the kind of ghost story I want to be a part of! I grabbed X and let the nice man with an ax pass us by. Yikes, mustn’t let my mind wander so.


Our other big adventure was driving into Como for the day when the weather wasn’t as nice (yes, this is a day where the weather wasn’t quite up to snuff!) Como is beautiful, the lake as well as the city, but with the kids, it made so much more sense to stay at the resort. If it had been Z and I alone, we’d have probably wanted to spend more time exploring the city. As it was, the kids had a pretty good time. Well, E slept, but X was all over it, making friends with whoever he could, including pigeons.


Here are some more photos of Como and the lake. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.





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