Travel Canadiana: Pigeon Lake


If there’s anything that I miss about Alberta in particular, I’d have to say it’s the big skies. Look at that. The sky is huge. It goes for hundreds of miles above you, and you feel like you can really breathe. That was one of the joys of “coming home” I experienced while taking my month in Alberta.

It’s a weird feeling, when home isn’t your home anymore.  My time in Canada really exacerbated this feeling for me. Like I said, it was weird. Everything that used to be everyday and common-place felt a little … off. And I found myself missing things in Switzerland too, although that came later.

To begin with, I spent nearly three weeks at my mom and stepdad’s beautiful cottage on Pigeon Lake. It was perfect. The time I spent there was really precious to me. I got to spend time with all my family. It reminded me of times growing up when we would spend a week or two at my family’s cottage, and how important those times were for me as well. Also, we had our own guest house, which made it all the more awesome. At least when the two little monsters cried all night, I didn’t have to feel guilty as well as frustrated! A downside was I was missing Z while he continued to work in Switzerland. But for the most part, the whole experience was so wonderful for all of us. Here are all the reasons why Pigeon Lake is awesome, in photos:

Because the cottage I stayed at looks like this. Beautiful patio, beautiful yard, absolutely designed for grown ups to relax and for the kids to run and play and explore and discover and all around be kids.


Because of gorgeous Sunday mornings when those with sailboats would join in the regatta right outside our door, to be watched while sipping a morning coffee.


Because of the storms that would sweep in during occasional evenings in grand and splendid fashion, reminding us that nature really still is boss.


Because of the perfect place to stand on the shore and throw rocks, for hours.


Because our little monster who eats neither fruits nor vegetables finally figured out that wild raspberries (or “the other strawberries”) are the best food, but only if picked and eaten directly off the bush.


Because when Uncle Kevin comes to visit, he brings awesome surprises like a real fireman helmet!


Because of very first boat rides, when all of a sudden things get real and you’re not really too sure whether you trust the guy you’re sitting with.


Because you decide that maybe you prefer something a little more laid back.


Because of days you spend entirely outside and played like your life depended on it.


Because of times when you realize you just might be awesome at baking. Or at least an awesome helper.


Because eating ice cream cones is very serious business.


Because of the special quiet moments that happened


And occasionally the silly ones too.


If there was any theme to why this time in Alberta meant so much to me, it would be “family.” Of course, obviously, they are my heart and soul and it was amazing to be able to spend so much time with them. Also, “the outdoors” was a pretty big part of it too. Watching X light up and enjoy his home country was certainly a big part of that too. Thanks to everyone who helped make our time there so special!


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