Travel Canadiana: Central Alberta


I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but farm country in the Central Alberta prairies is a little bit like paradise. I have friends who are aware of this, and have settled into a small farmhouse there. They do all kinds of awesome things like grow their own vegetables and do their own canning, while hanging their clothes along the line to dry outside. They sometimes drive around in a Chevy from the 50s, which is an antique but still road-worthy (sort of). This thing is old. It predates signal lights, guys. I love that they made their home away from the city, even while they still have to work there for now. And I love spending time there even more.

They even have plans to maybe set up a little home for AirBnB, which would be amazing. People who stay there have no idea what they are in for. Nights around the campfire. Days spent out in the fresh air. Getting back to nature.


The occasional horse whicker or antique car buzzing by, but for the most part, silence. Seriously, y’all, you should spend more time in the country. It’s good for you. It makes your kids cuter.


If somewhat messier.

There’s other fun benefits as well. This might look like an ordinary tractor, something you see everywhere around where people work the land. But take a look closer.


Check out who’s driving!*


Had such a gorgeous time at the farm. A good time was enjoyed by both kids and grown ups, but I can’t lie. I was a little nervous driving around in that car from another era, no matter how good the driver was. Other than that, though, it was as relaxing and fun as could be. Thanks for opening your home to us!

*Just as a disclosure, if you spend time out in the countryside, your two year old will probably not be permitted to drive a tractor. Or maybe they will. People are just cool like that out in the country.


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