Tale of a Genevois Pumpkin


Bonus points for anyone hoo can guess what this little guy is? I think he’s adorable but apparently difficult to figure out.

Halloween is another one of my favourite holidays. Okay, actually the more I think about it, I don’t think there’s a holiday that I dislike. But autumn seems to have a handle on awesome fun holidays. I mean, dressing up in costume and getting free candy? What genius mastermind came up with this plan?

I feel somehow that in Europe, we’re closer to our pagan roots around this time of year. Like, I might peek out of my window tonight and see ritual bonfires being lit, people dancing through the fields and maybe chanting, you know, celebrating in Celtic fashion. This doesn’t actually happen in tightly-wound Switzerland, I’m just saying I feel a little closer to my Gaelic roots here. Continue reading


Apple Roses


How’s this for the prettiest dish you’re ever going to make? These are so pretty and so easy to make, and a nice little dessert, nothing too fancy. I made these for Thanksgiving, and they were perfect because they weren’t too rich after all that feasting. They may look sweet, but they are not too sweet, even with a caramel sauce base. I tweaked this recipe from Tip Hero. Super easy and gorgeous to look at. Continue reading

Book reviews

I’m nearing the end of my Ultimate Reading Challenge that I started this year. My thoughts on this are: awesome! because I can go back to reading whatever I want without having to figure out which categories still need to be ticked off. And also awful! because the last few categories on my list are my least favourites, the ones I’ve been dreading from the start because I’m probably not going to enjoy them.

And was I ever proven right.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by Dave Eggers

Book description: Talented writer blathers on about his issues, which are many. It is entertaining for like, three pages, then gets really old for the next 300. Continue reading

Revolutionary thoughts on weight loss


Over the past few months I have been struggling, without success, to lose my baby weight. It’s been weighing (haha, see what I did there?) on my mind for awhile I may have finally reached a tipping point in my life. You may or may not know this about me, but I have deeply complicated issues with weight loss and my weight in general.

Here’s a story. A few weeks ago I was being very healthy. I had several days in a row of eating well and getting outside, exercising. Drinking lots of water. You know, all the things you’re supposed to do. I was feeling great! I definitely must have lost at least a pound! I think optimistically as I step onto the scale. Much to my horror and disgust, I discovered not only had I not lost any weight, I had in fact gained a kilo. Continue reading

Travel Suisse: Chateau Grandson


I had this discussion with Z when we drove into Germany and back. You know how sometimes you drive into a new country and you have no way of telling the difference because everything looks exactly the same? Switzerland and Germany are not that. You could tell immediately when you entered Germany, as everything flattens out. And, I know we were driving in the Black Forest, and I know that it was at twilight, but everything just seemed a little more sinister in Germany. The whole mood was different. (But really, what better place for sinister than the Black Forest at twilight?)

I’m being unfair. On our way back out of Germany, in the light of day, it really was charming, with cute little traditional villages. But, I’m sorry, there is no comparison. Switzerland is seriously beautiful. Like, the most beautiful place you could ever possibly imagine. Everywhere I go I Switzerland, my breath is taken away. Continue reading

Books: Why Not Me?


It was with sheer and utter glee that I opened my mailbox to find my copy of Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? had arrived. I had pre-ordered it so long ago I had forgotten it was coming. I might have done a tiny dance of delight, to the amusement of the Russian workers who basically live outside my house (ostensibly working on the mansion down the street, but that’s been going on for a long time. I’m getting suspicious).

I adore Mindy Kaling. The Mindy Project is, to me, perfect and one of the shows I without fail purchase because I believe in supporting those shows/books/movies that I really enjoy, especially when they are driven by women. She always makes me laugh and I think writes the best jokes. Just read her address to Harvard’s law graduates from last year! Continue reading

Boeuf Entrecote Bordelaise


Fall is becoming lovelier by the day here. The side of Mt. Salève looks like it’s been gilded and there’s a fog that settles in the morning that burns off by noon, allowing a blaze of colour to come through. Autumn brings it’s own dangers though. The chestnut trees drop their nuts from several stories above, making a disconcerting cracking sound when they hit the ground. In a big gust of wind, you find these falling all around you, like gunfire going off. When walking by our forest, I often find myself ducking and covering the children. Some of these trees, I’m not sure which, have these enormous nuts that the Brits affectionately call “conkers,” presumably because they would crush your skull if they make a direct hit. And there’s this other nut, I can’t even describe it properly, it’s huge and hard and covered with sharp spikes that would definitely entrench themselves several inches into the skull if you were unfortunate to be under one when they fell. I have to get a picture of this, it has to be seen to be believed. Nobody told me I needed to wear full-body armour to survive a fall day here!

I came onto this recipe by happenstance. I was going to make something else entirely, a beef short rib recipe, but the butcher that I went to in France didn’t have any short ribs (and also I didn’t know how to say beef short rib in French). I’ve started to do all my meat shopping in France, it is a fraction of the cost and really good quality. And I get to brag about stuff like “I only buy my meat in France,” which I adore because I am super pretentious. Anyway, I settled on some delicious looking boeuf entrecote. Which is steak. I’m not sure what kind of steak, all the different cuts are confusing, especially in two different languages. Then I had to look up recipes to go with said steak. Continue reading