Christmas Cookies: Edible Pinecones


These cookies are pretty darling. I was looking for a kind of edible craft to do with X, and these fit the bill perfectly. They are easy to assemble and are bake-free, so X got to be by my side the whole time, helping me out, but mostly just sneaking bites of the cereal.

They also look a lot prettier then I was able to show – at the right angle, they do look like pinecones! Continue reading


Vegetarian Street Food


I decided to go vegetarian for November. Nothing permanent, just a month. I was waiting to see how long I could go before Z noticed. Well, he hasn’t said anything yet, but I suspect the cat is out of the bag now (shout out to my awesome husband who puts up with my little experiments all the time!). It’s actually been a little difficult. I’m loving many of the new recipes I’m trying, but most of my go-to, easy, mid-week meals involve meat, so I’m struggling occasionally to find meals that work for me. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions of favourite meat-less meals – would love to hear them. Continue reading

Book reviews

I am currently single-parenting two kids, as Z is out of town for the week. Taking care of two kids on my own is – yikes. I am not at my best. I’m wondering if all parents feel the same way that I do, but for the most part with these kids, particularly when we are out and about in town, I feel barely competent to be raising children. Something is always forgotten, or dropped on the ground, or someone’s screaming (sometimes me). My toddler can be a hooligan, there’s no other way to put it. And I am just sometimes completely overwhelmed.

Although thinking about it, I think that might just be my personality type – often overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of great qualities, but being put together was never one of them. I sometimes find the world so confusing that it’s a miracle that I’ve survivored this long, let alone have done as well as I have. Continue reading

Pumpkin Soup for the Soul

I don’t even know how to begin – I feel like I should comment on the horrific attacks in Paris last night, but I have no clue what to say. It’s all still so raw, like waking up from a nightmare. What I can say is I don’t think this is over. Somehow this feels like a solid beginning of something, and not anything good. We were discussing that the attacks don’t seem so much acts of terrorism as they seem to be acts of war. I don’t know how this is going to affect the people over here. It’s weird, sitting in my sunny yard, looking at France from here. The borders are supposedly closed – if our little border crossing is closed right now, it would be the first time since we moved here. Everything seems so normal, but obviously nothing is. It’s all a bit surreal.

I was going to write some cute things about pumpkins, but they don’t really seem fitting right now. So, no cute stories, but if you’re looking for some yummy pumpkin recipes to help warm you up on cold, scary days like this one, here are a few I’ve been trying out these past weeks. Continue reading

Spontaneous Cruises and Positive Thinking


Not too long ago, we had a gorgeous Genevois weekend. Not wanting to travel too far afield, I suggested we just take the bus downtown and walk along the waterfront. I hadn’t actually done that since coming back from Canada weeks and weeks ago, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do. Perfect was in store for us, in fact, but a big part of that comes from my forcing myself to be more open to things.

Whenever something new is presented to me, my kneejerk reaction is usually “no.” All I can think about are the downsides, the things that could go wrong, the absolute worse-case scenarios. I come by it honestly, it’s a family trait. Z is the opposite. He is incredibly positive, and is always suggesting new adventures, ones that I think are just too much, and yet they always turn out to be awesome. Slowly, though, I’m starting to trust him, and the joys that come from saying yes instead. It’s a process, so I still usually start with no. Then I have to step back, think about why I’m saying no, then lean into my discomfort and go with the flow. It might sound silly, but I have to do this even with little things. Like when we passed by a roasted nut hut downtown (these things are everywhere here.) Roasted chestnuts are a delicacy, I guess, and they smell amazing when you pass by them. So Z thought we should get some. And I agreed. I figured there could be literally no downside to buying some delicious chestnuts. Continue reading

Yoga Love


I am recovering from being so so sick. One thing they don’t tell you is that sickness with children is exponentially worse than before you had them. Because these little ones? They do not care that I am hurting. They still get up several times a night, then want to hyperactively jump around all day. Or cry. Or whine. Meanwhile I just wanted to lie down and die.

I really did think I was going to die. Like, there was a combination nasty head cold, a wretched 12-hour stomach something or other, as well as one side of my face got all swollen. I thought it was due to the head cold, but eventually it resolved into a spider bite, I think. It’s still swollen, but not quite as disfiguring now. In other words, my immune system is friggin’ shot.

I thought this would be a good time, then, to share the new love in my life: yoga. It’s a part of my new body-loving, wellness-conscious living. I wanted to get back to something that felt good to me. Continue reading