Vegetarian Street Food


I decided to go vegetarian for November. Nothing permanent, just a month. I was waiting to see how long I could go before Z noticed. Well, he hasn’t said anything yet, but I suspect the cat is out of the bag now (shout out to my awesome husband who puts up with my little experiments all the time!). It’s actually been a little difficult. I’m loving many of the new recipes I’m trying, but most of my go-to, easy, mid-week meals involve meat, so I’m struggling occasionally to find meals that work for me. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions of favourite meat-less meals – would love to hear them.

I’ve been searching through a lot of vegetarian food blogs lately. This one was talking about how vegetarians don’t have a lot of options when it comes to street foods – greasy, yummy, perfect at the end of the night kinds of food. He suggested that veggies really only have falafels. I guess you could go for a slice of cheese pizza, but that wouldn’t really work if you were vegan. Btw, I have about a 85% interest in becoming fully vegetarian, and a 0% interest in being vegan. It seems just awful, and not even healthy. I think I would take cheese in my life over wine and that’s … saying a lot.

I have come across some truly delicious veggie recipes that sort of fall into the street food category. If you’re looking for good vegetarian recipes, or just want to lighten things up for the night, here’s my recommendations:

Lentil Meatballs with Lemon Pesto

These, pictured above, were beyond tasty. X, who eats nothing, went nuts for them. As did I. The best part is the lemon pesto. I could have just eaten that straight out of the container. SOOO delicious. I can’t stress this enough. Highly recommended. I think I’ll start eating these once a week, if not more. You can find the recipe on The Sprouted Kitchen, a great blog for veggies. You can eat them with pasta if you want, or over greens. We just had them on their own, and it was more than enough!


Apple Sage Chickpea Veggie Burger

I almost didn’t make these. The ingredients sounded weird, like the combo of apples and smoked paprika. And even after I started making them, I was pretty suspicious. I mean, I know I’m no food photographer, but these looked like dog food at best. Until I bit into one. My god are these delicious. They are tender and moist and the weird combination of flavours comes together in the best possible way. Best eaten like burgers, with mayo and mustard and greens on them. Try them, and surprise yourself by really liking them. Recipe found at Connoisseurus Veg (which is an awesome name for a food blog, btw).

Pistachio Falafel

I didn’t get a shot of these. I forgot, and then before you knew it they were gone. But you don’t come here for the photos anyway. Another super delish veggie meal, and another one that X ate happily (for the five seconds he could concentrate on food before something else happened). The recipe, found on The Green Kitchen, gives you suggestions for extra sauces – I made both the mint yogurt sauce, and the tomato chili salsa, and both were great. You can make this vegan or gluten free if that’s what floats your boat – the option is there.

I just wanted to add that after my last blog, where I was bemoaning always feeling like an overwhelmed mess when it came to parenting, I heard from SO MANY PEOPLE who felt the exact same way that I felt. Like, they see other people who have it together and wish they were more like that. But the funny thing is, the people who were saying this to me were all people that I think of as having their shit together. I think all of us parents should be kinder to each other, and to ourselves, because clearly every once and awhile we all feel inadequate! But we’re not. I think you are doing awesome.


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