Sleighbells jingling and Christmas crafts


‘Tis the season for Christmas crafts! Okay, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve make a Christmas craft since my macaroni and glitter days of yore, but X is actually really into art right now. I got him his first paint set and he loves it! He’s also super clean, which is both surprising and fantastic. I can leave him alone with his paint and a piece of paper, and come back later to find a masterpiece on the paper and only on the paper. How many two-year-olds can do that? (I actually have no idea. Is this normal? I initially thought this was going to be the messiest project ever, but now it’s a great easy way to pass a rainy afternoon.)

Since X wants to be all artful, I also indulged in buying some craft supplies. My favourite is a cordless hot glue gun (with light!) that makes me feel like I am a total crafter, even though this really is my first time ever doing anything like this. But a lot of crafts I’ve seen that look super cute entail a glue gun, so I went for it.

There is no end of gorgeous little homemade crafts you can do at home – thank you Pinterest. Although recently I saw something on Facebook that made me laugh – “Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself with $92 of craft supplies?” I am so guilty of occasionally getting into the DIY thing, only to find it is such a drain on the budget and the time. But I guess once you have kids it’s kind of part of the deal. So here are some cute crafts I found that I made with X*.

The first is these adorable popsicle stick sleighs. They are so sweet! Also very fragile. They have already been re-glued a few times. Once the tree goes up they’ll be my ornament from this year, but until then X enjoys gliding them around the floor. The most important thing is to keep them out of E’s hands – as delicate as X can be when it comes to art, E is in full on Hulk Smash! mode and will try to crush then eat anything that comes in her path. She’s basically Godzilla. I got off track. You can find the “recipe” for these sleighs at Serendipity Refined.


We also decorated some clothespin snowmen. X decorated one. Can you guess which? I’m going to use these to attach little tags onto gifts this year, instead of paying for expensive gift cards. That was the extent of the Christmas crafts for this year. I have about a thousand paintings by X, though. He’s going through a dark phase right now. The first thing he does when his paint set is out is mix black into every colour, and calls it thunder. It took me a while to figure out what he meant, until I realized that thunder in French (tonnerre) is the word he uses for darkness. Which is kinda cute, maybe kinda disturbing. He does love his darkness, though.

*by made with X, I mean I made them, then let X near some of them if he showed any interest in them, which he barely did. Who am I kidding, I did these for myself and I think they are cute, dammit.


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