Book recommendations: February picks


You know how there’s “porn” for everything? Usually found on instagram – fashion porn, book porn, food porn, just regular porn porn I guess – the photos of lifestyle stuff that gets you hot. Well, I think I’ve topped all of this with grocery porn. Has #groceryporn become a thing yet? Are the hipsters all over it? I’ll have to ask my sister.

I wanted to take a photo of my grocery bag the other day. Since moving to Europe, the ideal grocery bag looks like this: some delicious cheeses, a bottle of red wine, a bit of chocolate, strawberries and of course the ubiquitous baguette peeking out of the top. And I had every single one of those things in my bag. It made me inordinately happy. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the small things. Of course, I didn’t take a picture of my groceries because that would be insane. Continue reading


Celebrating Valentine’s the European way


I had been discussing the other day the ways that living in Europe has changed me. Initially, I pretty much thought, not at all. I didn’t think I live any differently than I used to. But on reflection, there are some little things I think I’ve started to do, little ways I’ve changed my life, that reflect a more European lifestyle. And actually they are things that I’m not sure I could go back from. At the very least, I’d try really hard to maintain these elements no matter where I go – bringing Europe with me. Continue reading

Maison Cailler


I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get here. But finally, on a stormy Sunday, we made the short trek over to Lac de la Gruyere (yes, famous for the awesome cheese) in order to experience the highest experience in a chocolate-lover’s life – the chocolate factory.

Maison Cailler seems so elegant for a factory. Like, I wouldn’t expect Willy Wonka to approve. Or maybe this is where Wonka puts on his evening jacket and has a snifter of cognac. (Or whatever elegant people do. Personally, if I’m not sporting at least a small bit of baby vomit I’m feeling pretty elegant.) Continue reading

Birthday wishes and cupcakes


I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s February. More importantly: January is over. What a slog that month was. I normally don’t come down so hard after the high of the holidays, but that’s just where I am I guess. You’ve been hearing about my potty-training struggles. I had no idea I would find potty-training actively depressing, but it’s seemed to have that effect. Or maybe more anxiety-causing. I spent the first week that X was out of diapers in a constant state of near-panic. I know, I need to just relax a bit, right? It turns out that I’m just a worrier, and everything is going very well, and we’re all very happy and getting used to peeing somewhere other than our pants. (This house has been accident-free for 8 days!) The sun appears to be wanting to shine again, both literally and figuratively, and I’m looking forward to what spring brings us.  Continue reading