Travel Suisse: Zurich


I can’t believe we have lived in Switzerland for over two years, and I’ve only just visited Zurich. It seems like such an obvious place to visit. I know many people think of Zurich and Switzerland to be essentially the same thing. And it’s so close – well, everything in Switzerland is, it’s not a very big country.

But there are factors involved in not visiting this city yet. The first and foremost being cost. If Switzerland is crazy expensive, then Zurich is hella-crazy expensive, so we’ve always avoided it a bit for that. Also, there is the language barrier. Not that it matters in such a tourist-friendly city (I wouldn’t be surprised if more Swiss in Zurich spoke English than in Geneva), but our grasp of French often keeps us turning towards our large¬†French¬†neighbour to the west. Continue reading


Travel Suisse: Road tripping with babies and Luzern


Lucky us, Z and I finally have been able to do some traveling with the whole family! We’ve been laying low in the last months of my pregnancy, and the first months of E’s life, because that’s just the way things work out. But now, E is a healthy solid baby, three months old, and we’ve decided to tackle the easiest of trips with babies: the driving trip.

I was actually complaining not too long ago about how much quicker I recovered from X’s pregnancy and delivery than I did from E’s. However, I’m not actually sure that’s true. I spent the first three months of X’s life in near complete “confinement.” It was Calgary mid-winter, it was damn cold and I wasn’t going anywhere. I spent all day napping next to X, or feeding him, and if the laundry got done it was a minor miracle.

Two years later, I’m still feeding and caring for an infant, but I have a healthy active toddler that demands things from me ALL THE TIME. There is no resting, no delightful hours of baby cuddles or gazing at her face in adoration until the whole day has passed and I sheepishly smile that I hadn’t even gotten up yet. (I still do baby cuddles and adoring face gazes, but in much quicker doses!) I was still in immense pain from the delivery when I was out and about, taking X to classes or the park, while carting around my bemused infant. To her credit, E is up for pretty much anything and fazed by little – she is my awesome angel baby that I’ve earned with good karma through caring for X. Continue reading



Using up the leftovers in my house has become so much more fun since I’ve moved to Switzerland. Because, usually, I have some interesting, delicious food in the fridge just begging to be turned into something delicious. In my case the other night, I had some garlic sausage and herbed brie that really needed to be eaten. So I went in search of something tasty to use these ingredients in (besides, you know, just stuffing them in my mouth). I came upon a recipe, or rather several recipes, for tartiflette, a traditional French recipe that I believe comes from this area here.

Now, this is not strictly an actual Tartiflette – I don’t want to offend anyone by saying that it is. For it to be genuine, the cheese used has to be a Rebluchon. I substituted my herbed brie, so this is just a counterfeit Tartiflette. That happened to be DELICIOUS.

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So this is happening


Listen, my heart strings have definitely been pulled selling our house we took so long to fix up for ourselves. If you followed our adventures in renovations, you’ll know we put a lot into this house – time, effort, money – and it hurts a bit to let it go. But it’s for the best … who wants to deal with yet another property when you’re on the other side of the world?

I think the part that stings the most is our deck – our beautiful deck, that we shelled out a lot of extra money to build in composite so that it will last forever – the deck I did not get to use one time. Not one single time, guys. It could almost make you cry.

Easing the sting is the copious amounts of snow and ice everywhere. Could you tell this photo was taken in April. Yuck. Time to get out of here!
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Book Review Monday

The Swiss Courier, by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey

I’m not going to review this book. If I’m going to be honest with you, it wasn’t very good, and if you’re going to be honest with me, you weren’t really going to go out and read this one.

I am going to use the very tenuous connection to make an announcement, about some changes in my life and lifestyle that are going to affect me, as well as this blog I expect. As happens with life’s unexpected twists and surprises, my family is uprooting from Calgary and touching down again in Geneva, Switzerland.
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